Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day Forty-one; procrastination or the start of something wonderful?

Correction on the number 40... in yesterday's post.
Despite being related to the word "four" (4), 40 is spelled "forty", not "fourty". according the Wikepedia!

Anyway, I won't include an image today, for two reasons... one was just given to me when I opened blogger to write today's musings, image uploads will be disabled for two hours due to maintenance at 5:00PM PDT Wednesday, Oct. 20th.

The other being the REAL reason... I am 'tidying' up my study, rearranging books, paperwork, printer and scanner to a new location, and other stuff that always seem to accumulate without my knowledge... and I really would not like to share the state of the room in it's present state!

So better get on with the job in hand, or eat first, or have yet another break, or listen to the radio, or... any other suggestions of procrastinating?

The re-shuffle of my room is really to make a statement that I am serious about my writing, and, I can only hope that a tidy room will be the start of my master piece of a book!


dianne said...

if you find my mothers lost teeth in there will you post them over please . they have disappeared from under her pillow

Corina Duyn said...

No luck so far! you did make me laugh and I remembered a story about lost teeth.
I was working in a hospital with people with demetia. One night we had a new member of staff and she had put the patient's dentures in a glass of water on each patient's bedside locker. Six patients... sixs sets of teeth. One of the patients got up in the middle of the night- as he always did - and 're-arrangened' all the teeth.... Great fun the following morning trying to find out which teeth belonged to with person.