Thursday, February 2, 2017

The absolute need for rest while living with ME

Rest should be regarded as a positive constructive treatment  rather than just doing nothing.

Dr. Anne Macintyre - M.E. a practical guide

page from Into the Light by Corina Duyn with drawing of sleeping figure in a cocoon
page from Into the Light by Corina Duyn


One of the big challenges of living with ME is to be able to rest. To really rest. Especially during the early months, although his need remains a feature for the lifetime of the illness.

Learning to rest is an art in itself

Resting, is not watching tv, or reading a book, or being on the computer, or on the phone.
Rest, is Rest. 
In silence, or with some gentle background music. 
Or listening to a guided meditation.
Warm and cosy on the couch.

Rest is not to be confused with laziness 

Others might think you are lazy, or maybe you think yourself to be lazy when you lie on the couch.. In reality is it taking an active role in your wellbeing.
It is hard to be disciplined. But essential for our health and recovery.

Living with M.E. brings the peculiar need to be rested in order to have a good night sleep

Not resting- and overdoing it during the day- will result in lacking a restorative sleep during the night. ME has that peculiar habit than when we are too tired, we can't sleep.
Resulting in being more tired. In more pain. Resulting in even less sleep...

Be well my friends. 
And Rest!

Today I am leaving for a week at the Dzogchen Beara Care Centre. A place dear to my heart. (See links at bottom of this page). There I will endeavour to restore my rest and sleep balance, something that which has been severely disrupted due to menopause. I intend to spend a lot of my time snuggled up under a blanket in the recliner in the  conservatory attahched to my room. I am so grateful.
I look forward to read. Write. Explore. Meditate. And just BE. 
And of course go for hot chocolate at the Welcome Cafe and Bookshop.

I do plan to turn up on my blog everyday, maybe with just a short thought, or a story that is on my mind, or with one of my draft posts... (I have a few of those for days I can't write...)

Anyway, I'd love to bring you along on my retreat.
Please feel free to share my posts on social media, a place I most likely won't be seen much over the coming week.

Thank you!

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Bernadette said...

Ohhh Corina, it sounds divine. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy. I need so much to coax myself, my mind, my body into this type of calm and relaxation. Thank you for this gentle reminder. X

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Bernadette.
I can so highly recommend a stay here. Give yourself this gift!
it is possible to apply for a bursary towards cost of care or retreat courses.