Thursday, February 9, 2017

Peter Cornish. What a beautiful mind

Yesterday Christine (manager of the Dzogchen Beara Care Centre) accompanied me for a 'scoot' around the grounds, getting out and about alone on my mobility scooter is quite restricted as the paths and roads are steep and uneven.
I was so happy to be out. Feeling the elements on my skin, in stead if just looking out at them. It was cold, windy. But gorgeous!

We went down the 'easy path' which is a forest path from the Care Centre towards the cafe and the Shrine Room. The funny thing is that there is a sign for the 'easy path' which has an arrow pointing in two directions... making it bit so easy to choose?

We went down the easy path, and Christine suggested we could go down past the cafe (where it gets really steep) to have a look at the view. It is so worth the challenge of bravery to trust the scooter won't topple over!
We even made it as far as the building site of the first ever Temple in Ireland.

But what sticks most in my mind was the visit to the Shrine Room.
I had never been inside before.

The energy in that room is quite extraordinary. The feeling of being surrounded by greatness. Of healing. And kindness.
The vision of Peter Cornish, who is ultimately the brains behind Dzogchen Beara is the most obvious in that building. In these surroundings.
The building is at the edge of the cliff. The large windows give an unobstructed view of the ocean.

I thanked Peter, again, for being the beautiful mind to give us all the opportunity to share in his dream.

I met Peter in 2015, at the celebration of the birth and launch of Into the Light.
The memory will never leave me.

Peter wrote a book about his life which let the Dzogchen Beara. Dazzled by Daylight book 

  • short video with Peter Cornish talking about the book
I hope you will find a few minutes to explore his beautiful mind.

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