Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tools for a good night sleep

Poor sleep will not only put more strain on our well being,
but also deprive us of nighttime adventures as John O’Donohue explains … 

The Greeks believed that when you dreamt at night, the figures of your dream were characters who left your body,went out into the world and undertook their own adventures; then returned before you awoke.

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara, p146/47

sculpture Aerial by Corina Duyn, of figure sleeping in a pod in the garden
Aerial © Corina Duyn 2014

One more sleep related post... For Blog Reader Sue... And Sally Cat 

Sleeping is so essential for our well being. And yet, it can be so hard to master a good quality sleep. 
Maybe even more difficult when faced with illness. And illness like ME/CFS. Perhaps due to not having a routine in one's day. A routine of work, school, or going out of the house.
Slowly our sleep-wake hours might be turned 'upside down'.

I believe it to be of great benefit to our health to find the balance of sleep, rest, and wake times.

See this previous post with suggestions on how to keep a record on your day's activities, including sleep - it also has a printable sheet to keep records on.

For me personally, I experience a poor night sleep if I ...

  • do too much during the day
  • use the computer after 6pm
  • have used the computer too much during the day
  • ... or a combination of various brain activities - computer- movie -social media- tv-chat
  • watch tv after 8 pm
  • have a phone conversation, or face to face chat after 7 pm, or social media
  • eat a 'large' meal after 6pm
  • go to bed with worry on my mind

What does work for me

  • have my main meal during lunch time, and only a small snack like a bowl of soup and some form of protein at 6pm
  • turn off the computer at 6pm
  • follow my own 'twenty minute rule'
  • Have a clear routine in my day
  • Go to bed and get up at the same time very day (around 9 pm- 9 am)
  • Listen to meditation, or soothing music (Healing Sounds) before going to bed
  • have a cool bedroom
  • Add few drops of lavender oil on my pillow
  • If sleep does not come I listen to this Yoga Nidra For sleep meditation
  • If I wake up during the night, I listen to Restful sleep by Kerie Logan
  • I worries are on my mind, I write them down, so it is out of my head and onto paper
  • Start my day with a meditation, and or write
  • I read in bed too, if I can't sleep. This works for me- but wonder does it affect the quality of my sleep
I am sure there are things I do... and look forward to read here in the comment box, what works for you.

Sweet dreams.
With many night time adventures- if we can believe the Greeks.

detail of sculpture Aerial by Corina Duyn, of figure sleeping in a pod in the garden
Aerial  -detail © Corina Duyn 2014
And, to answer Sue's question about Sally Cat progress on her Happy Hour, and my need for sleep... Last night Sally did wake up for her 2.30am Happy Hour, but after a short 'chat' and cuddle,  she blissfully went back to sleep. And so did I! I hope we have come to the right understanding about when to be awake, when to sleep, and when to play.

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Sue said...

Absolutely wonderful from start to finish, every last drop. Thank you! I need every bit of this tonight.