Friday, June 16, 2017

For the Love of Birds

Is is remotely possible that my little Sally Cat actually rescued a fledgelings Sparrow?

two fledgelings sparrows in my garden
Sally came in my bedroom this morning with a tiny bird, which was slightly frothing at the mouth.
Sally had the same 'talk' as she does when she brings me her Teddy.
Unlike any other cat I know when it has a prey, she did not held onto it but 'gave' it to me in a way. Talking to me, and purring.

I picked up the little bird, brought it to the kitchen and put its bill in a small bowl of water. It immediately revived ...And flew off the kitchen counter and under the couch...

Today's exercise taken care of for me so!  I had to crouch on the floor, stretching my arms to reach the little bird, before trying to get up again, bird in hand to walk outside...
I put it in the grasses, in the hope it was ok.
But as Sally still had an interest in it, I thought I should make a 'safe-house' for the bird. Just in case.

Walked into my studio, found a large tub. Filled it with compost, twigs, shelter, moss, water, food... only to not being able to find the little bird again.
Neither did Sally, who watched with interest, and purred all the time...
I hope to goodness that it was able to fly away.

I went back to bed to recover from these early morning exercises. My legs are sore, my arms are hanging like useless objects along my body.

All for the Love of Birds.
fledgelings sparrow few days ago
fledgling Great tit

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