Thursday, June 8, 2017

Homeward bounds

Today I am on my homeward journey.
I am looking forward to being home, but I am not looking forward to traveling...

My body has decided that the downward spiral should start while I observe the Grote Kerk (big church) from my hotel bed. A view which is hard to beat, if I may so so. I am in pain. Serious pain. It woke me up in the very early hours of this morning. It was hard to mentally cope with that reality. Knowing that I am having a very long day ahead of me. 
Medication and Meditation. My two reliable sources. My body felt as it is was 'twisted'. There was not one 'straight line' to be detected when I 'scanned' my body during meditation. A peculiar, and rather uncomfortable feeling.
And yes, I was upset. It will cost me a great deal of mental persuasion today,  to not think too far ahead. Today is one of those days that one minute, one breath at the time is the only way I can reach my own bed tonight with my mind and body in tact.

Two days ago I spent time with friend Marga, and visited the grave of my friend Gert who passed away two months ago. It was an emotional, and yet peaceful day. We also had plenty of laughs. I met their children, partner of one, and a new addition to the family, a two week old baby boy. 

Yesterday I mainly watched the world from my bed. Although we (Christine and I) also visited some shops, before some more 'world-passing-by-time' before a lovey dinner out. 

Visits, shopping, dinner. 
All so normal. 
And yet it is not.

I am still glad I came and of proud of my carefully constructed plan to make this trip remotely possible.
Home tonight.
Own bed!

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