Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thank you for your kindness

We may decide that a puma is worth more to us than a caterpillar, 
but surely we can agree that the habitat is all the better for being able to sustain each.
Stephen Fry - The Fry Chronicles

A big thank you to my readers far and wide who responded with such kindness towards yesterday's post, about making sense of living life with illness.
You responded with sharing your own stories and experiences, which I know will be of support to many others.

"... Since I came to accept my condition (accepting doesn't mean I'm happy with it!), kinda made 'friends' with it, seeing it as a part of me (not 'me'), I feel much more content and can actually enjoy life within all my limitations..."

So many of you responded on my Facebook page, via personal messages and emails.

Thank you all, for keeping me and others who live with their own challenges, in your hearts and minds.

Also thank you for helping me to see again that perhaps my life is not as 'bizarre' as I thought it was/is. My life is just different.

"You are a true artist, and in remaining true to yourself and your art and what you create from your own intimate self you are then whole as a person as a spiritual and human being..."

There is little point in comparing my life with those living in a different world. I just got a little confused for the past while.

I leave you with some words I wrote in my Into the Light book, which also has the above quote by Stephen Fry in it.
We are all different, thank goodness for that...

Be well my friends, and thank you again for your company and opening your hearts.

my words on the page from Into the Light read:

Bodies come in all shapes colours and sizes
White bodies and black Tall bodies and little ones Female, and male Healthy ones and ill ones
The right body and the other

Throughout the history of western civilization emphasis has been placed on achieving the perfect body 
Great value is put on physical ability

We are all different thank goodness
What a boring world we would have if we were all perfect Whatever that might be 

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