Friday, May 12, 2017

"Can you see M.E. now": The Millions Missing M.E. Dublin Protest in images

Yesterday was a most astonishing day for people with M.E. in Ireland. 
A day of "Stand up and be counted." 
A day of The Millions Missing Protest at Government Buildings, Dublin, Ireland

I was not there myself but watched as images of the event appeared on facebook (and I am sure other social media,  but I don't have access to them.)

The event made it onto TV3 news. 
I watched with pride. SO much pride.

There were local radio broadcasts, and MEme featured in the Avondhu Newspaper.
Unfortunately our national broadcaster RTE remained silent. Shame on them ...

But, here are a some of the images that those who were at the events in Dublin.
Images by Joan Byrne, Camilla Cruise, Moira Dillon,  Joanne Byrne O'Neill,  Irene Hand O'Shea, and I am sure others too, sorry if I missed your names

Thank you all!




Avondhu Newspaper 11-5-2017, page 19 MEme to represent Lismore ME sufferer in Dail protest
Avondhu Newspaper 11-5-2017, page 19
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