Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rain, heavely rain

Bit late today...

I plugged in my iPhone to the computer to upload the rain video, and ended up sorting photos. I made some folders so I can show my family my-life-in-images during the reunion. I got a bit carried away.
Energy gone, so was time for a break before I go to write to you all.

Then a phone call... you know the kind of day, it just runs away with itself.
All good!

I am all set to go on my 'merry way' to hospital tomorrow. Well nearly.
Bag sorted, house sorted, Sally sorted...

Yesterday I made it to the Lismore Pop-up-shop to get my fill of books for the two 'holidays'.
On the way back I got caught in an almighty shower.

It is not often that I am outside in the rain, so I actually enjoyed it.
The sounds, the energy, the 'holes' it created in the puddle on the road.

The rain ran off my umbrella onto the back of my scooter seat, resulting in a soaked bottom and hip.
 The joys of real life!

I will try to write from my hospital bed, but I am not sure if I have wifi to do so.

Be well.


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Therese Doherty said...

Lovely rain. All the best with your hospital trip, Corina. x