Sunday, May 14, 2017

Flying high with clipped wings

This past week has been most extraordinary.
I 'watched' people unite.
I witnessed ill people who are most of the time stuck in their houses, on their couches or in their beds, come together and create a movement which is way beyond words.

People living with M.E. aired their voices in the most public of ways:
By physically attending the Millions Missing Protest in Dublin
Through the representation of family members - and even a surf board
Through social media
Sharing the poignant images about the day
Through radio interviews and newspaper articles
Through posting their shoes (or a stuffed penguin) to be displayed at the protest
Even a talk recorded live from bed (great one Noreen)

What an extraordinary time. And I agree with the words uttered by all those involved - and those who are too severely affected to be part of the organising - that this IS A TIME OF CHANGE.

Our wings may be clipped, but my goodness are we flying.
Edited image.
I had used an image of a young girl, wearing a read Millions Missing T-Shirt
which reached well below her knees.
She was holding a placard with my shoe image.
I had chosen that image as for me it symbolized the 'fledgling' state
we are with this new movement- this new awareness.
She was standing behind the protesters- waiting in the wing, as it were.
It was brought to my attention that although permission from her parents
to use the image was sought, it was not yet responded to.
I therefore removed the image.
My apology  to the parents if I used this image inadvisedly. 

I look forward to hear more about what the politicians said to the protesters. I know that they all listened carefully, and that most know a family or friend, or acquaintances who live with M.E.
They have expressed willingness to listen. To help.

Maybe, just maybe, we have given these politicians the incentive, the permission, to do something to help their friends, but could not bring this to a political stage as it was too personal. (if you know what I mean)

I am immensely proud.
I know already said that, but it is true.
My body is telling me it is true.

And I listen to my body...
It is wiser that I am.

Although I was not at the event in Dublin, I spent a lot of my thinking energy, and computer energy on the protest. I overstayed my welcome on the computer to be part of that amazing day -to follow any bit of news that came our way.  But you know what - it was worth every ounce of my energy!

Today I did listen to my body and gave it a lot more rest.

I am sure that when we have all rested our tired bodies and wings, 
that we will continue with this truly inspiring of stories.

My deepest gratitude to ALL.

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