Monday, May 15, 2017

Stepping out of the wings

Yesterday I started to write a post about flying high with clipped wings.
It was to reflect on my personal adventures I am granted while barely leaving the house at the moment. But the truly extraordinary events of the M.E. protest were still so beautifully present on my mind that the words coming out of my fingers were about that. And I am happy to follow wherever my mind goes.


Saturday morning I woke up from a dream about birds.
I watched a beautiful black bird with a very long tail in a nearby tree.
It looked a little like a bird ornament I have on a plant in my study.
a balck bird with beads sitting in a houseplant - an image that came into the dreams of Corina Duyn
a bit like the bird in my dream

I was sitting on the ground (perhaps my greenhouse - although the space was much larger). I had my knees bend, and the bird came to sit on my knee. It was a very peaceful experience.

The bird did not even leave when a little cat (Sally?) came to sit with me.

Later I was standing in my (?) garden and a flock of small, colourful long tailed birds- a bit like long tailed tits- gathered on my sleeve. It was amazing. I tried to photograph it with my smartphone. However in my dreams mobile phones never work as they should... 

I wondered what the dream images were about.

Friend Dolores told me: ... Birds are usually aspiration, or dreams, and I feel the long tails may indicate how much you have yet in store...

Interesting, as in the past few weeks I have been granted some new opportunities, and dreams are about to be filled.

These opportunities are in the realms of illness/wellness, writing and art.
Three important parts of my life.
All combined with nature - and birds - and flying - and stepping out of the wings.


Besides being involved with the M.E. protest, through my blog 
I was a invited to write a Blog post for Irish Dysautonomia Awareness 
about my life with chronic illness. 
Read it HERE


I had no intention to compile the book that flowed out of my hands during the past 6 months. 
It was to be a simple translation of my dad's very small WWII diary. 
It turned into Snapshots. 
A book about challenges of life, but also about resilience, creativity and joy. 
I am awaiting the arrival of the 100 printed books today.

I was invited to write about this adventure on the website. 
You can find it HERE


A few days ago I was invited by Emma Fisher 
from Beyond the Bark to give a talk at 
The Broken Puppet: A Symposium on Puppetry, Disability, and Health 
1st and 2nd of August 2017, at UCC in Cork.

I am honoured. 

Deeply honoured.

I will follow my dreams - those ones during the night and the ones in real life.

And I look forward to have your company along the way.

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