Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The quickest trip to Hollland ever

6 am. Tuesday morning. Cork Airport Hotel.

I think you, my dear reader, know that I was not quite looking forward to the trip to Holland. Don't get me wrong. I like to see my family, but it is all a bit much. Energy is limited. Very limited. Lots  of planning was required to make this trip happen. To keep my health in check. To not get too exhausted. To not get sick. I had to think ahead.

I believe I made a good plan.
But can not plan for things out of my control.

As my flight was at 5.50 am, I booked the Cork Airport Hotel for one night. It saved me, and a willing driver, to have to get up in the middle of the night. They are incredibly helpful here, and have an accessible room. I am here since yesterday afternoon, when friend Mary was able to bring me.
After early dinner, I took (half) sleeping tablet and slept from 8pm till 3.15 am
Pretty much my usual time to wake up, have a light snack, take pain medication, turn on meditation music and go back to sleep.
This morning I did the same routine, except for the part of going back to sleep.

I got up, dressed. And had the porter collect me and bring me to the shuttle bus- and to the airport. 5 minutes down the road. Perfect!
Checked in. Got rid of my suitcase full of Snapshots books. My chair, and me were deemed safe and drug free 😀. And I was on my merry way to Holland. Finally ok with this big adventure ahead.

Then I happen to look up at the departure screen, and saw the the Amsterdam flight was CANCELLED. Not even delayed..l just NO flight.

My airport support man came to look for me, and we went back down, to pick up my luggage again.

Kind of funny.
Yesterday I said that I could not wait to get home again... here I was, not even half hour after checking in, I found myself at the arrivals gate ... 

Using a wheelchair and getting support, sometimes has its perks. 'My airport man' brought me to the top of the queue and I secured a flight for this afternoon. Aer Lingus man rang my hotel, and I have the room back for the day, and the shuttle bus picked me up again.

I am writing this, sitting by the window, watching a Huge bunny rabbit running around the field outside my window, and can see and hear the occasional plane.

I have at this moment no idea if I will make the ferry tonight to the Texel hotel. And I will  definitely miss my passport renewal appointment at the Dutch airport this morning.  That probably means I have to travel to Dublin for that instead... more cost. More travel... The best made plans...
Next I have to contact few people and the hotel in Holland.

Nothing I can do to change this inconvenience and about the extra costs I will have. Go with it. Have a cup of tea and go back to bed.

Talk to you tomorrow,  hopefully from Holland!

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