Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Life can be so weirdly beautiful some times

The cat lovers among you might remember last week's post about a little cat that came into my garden, and the questions which arose from his arrival.

Well, I had a very eventful week with my four legged companions.

I had to keep telling Sally Cat that 'the little boy' needs our care as he had a rough time. 
Sally had worked so hard to make my home HER home, and felt her Reign was under treat that she needed a HUGE amount of comforting and reassurance. Daily. Hourly...
During one of these chats, the words 'little boy' were followed by 'George'. Sally Girl, and Boy George.

George was brought to the vet, was put on antibiotics. He was quite weak, and slept happily and peacefully in my greenhouse during the day. At night he slept in my 'scooter-shed' out of sight from neighbourhood cats. On Thursday he was neutered and was a like a cat who had drunk too much. The poor thing did not know what do do with himself. He wanted to be out of the greenhouse, but I was afraid he get hurt by other cats... Mistake on my part. He wanted out and climbed all the shelves in the greenhouse, knocking over lots of pots.... The place waslike a bomb hit it. It made me almost cry. I had to tidy it up, rescues my carefully planted seedlings. I was exhausted... still am.

I put him in his 'safe-house' again for the night. The scooter-shed. Should have done that straight away. Anyway, the following morning he was back to being his lovely quiet contented self again.

I liked this cat.
I liked George very much.
And it looked like Sally was ok with him too...

Famous last words.

She was ok when he was ill and quiet. Even able to share the outside bench, and she allowed him to be in her 'caravan' inside the house one night.

She was not ok when he started to take over her precious space. 
They ended up screaming at each other. Sally was scared. And needed even more of my attention.
I got exhausted from negotiating who was out, who was in, how to avoid them meeting again. As it had gone a bit 'stroppy' a few times.

That is when I put out the call again for a home for George.

Considered putting up a request for a home for Sally, so I could hold on to George...

Take me home?
I posted pictures on facebook and emailed my friends to help me find a home for George. 

One friend responded with three separate messages:
  • Yes 
  • Me 
  • In Dublin. If you think he could be happy with me I will pick him up tomorrow ? X 
Worried I might think that she would help me find a home, she wanted to make sure George would come to her.

I told George and Sally the good news.

George climbed unto my lap when I told him about Dolores and the home he was to go to. He curled over, let me rub his belly. He was happy! So Happy.
Dolores and George
Yesterday was the big day.
I must say that I was sad to see George go as I bonded with him. There is something special about this little creature.
But I also had to admit that I can not cope with two cats. A sad reality. It was too much on reasonable good days. How do I cope on not such great days. There was more work involved that I was able to handle. 
And then there was this stroppy little Queen in my house. Sally :-)
She is so full of character. So sure of her own needs, and wants, and demands. She was so worried to loose her Reign over the "Country".

Dolores came, and instantly bonded with George. She picked him up and said "I already know you."
And that felt so true. It was beautiful to watch.
Sally at peace again

The aftermath:

  • Sally slept all night. Exhausted from all the stress.  Goodness knows what went on it her little brain the past week.
  • Me? I rested too. And looks like I need more...
  • Dolores and George: "We spend some time together lying on the floor. "ah yes, we know each other, welcome home. Bless you Corina." 
I replied that I cried. Because life can be so weirdly beautiful.

Happy endings!

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