Saturday, March 18, 2017

The power of creativity

"Using creativity to cope during poor health is a positive response to a difficult situation." 

Tobi Zausner

The space clearing of my studio is continuing. 
All of the older work I had put up for adoption are going to new homes, where they will be loved once again.
The big jobs for which I needed help are done. 
I would like over the next week or so, to sort materials, and other collections of "stuff".
(every creative person will know what I mean by that...)

I feel lighter.
I like going into my studio again.
I feel a sense of ease.
A sense of overall well being.
Even though my body is in pain, and I am tired, I am actually feeling well.
My mind is filling up with creative possibilities.

This feeling made me think about the power of creativity.
And this book When walls become doorways – creativity and the transforming illness, by Tobi Zausner, came to mind.
I read, and used this book for my own Into the Light Artist book.
Throughout the writing of my book, I had great support from Tobi. She had given me permission to use quotes from her book, and emailed me often to follow my process. It is unlikely we will ever meet in person, but she was hugely helpful in encouraging me to keep going with my project, when I was very close to giving up.

Corina has a great capacity to help others with her work.
Tobi Zausner PhD, Author, Research Psychologist and Clinician 

Creativity is such an important part of my life. My life with illness.
I strongly believe that if I did not have my creative mind, I would not be as well as I am today.
Maybe I would not even be alive anymore. It is that important.

Creativity helped me to understand my new life. 
Helped me to explore the boundaries dictated by illness.
It allowed me to experience freedom.
Nobody could curtail the freedom of my mind.
I played with possibilities.
I was able to free on paper.
I could fly that kite.
I could fly.
I learnt so much.
And creativity became my way to still be part of the world beyond my walls.
"when walls become doorways..."

Some quotes from When walls become doorways – creativity and the transforming illness. 
By Tobi Zausner, Ph.D. 2006 Harmony book US

“In artists, the passion to create generates a will power strong enough to defy the worst disease."
(Surgeon Philip Sandblom)

"Artistic projection is a powerful experience because the work of art 
becomes a kind of virtual reality for artists." 

“Turning to creativity in response to illness gives us an enormous return on our time and effort. 
By taking our minds off distress and redirecting our attention to work in front of us, 
we lessen the experience of pain." 

"By compensating for what is lost due to illness, creativity restores a sense of wholeness 
that can produce a feeling of well-being comparable to restoring wholeness in life."

Be well.
Be creative.
In whatever way is doable, and interesting for your own personal circumstances 

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