Friday, April 7, 2017


Why would you NOT love them

As you (might) know Sally Cat  came to live with me at the end of February.
Or... in more correct terms, She moved into my house, garden, greenhouse, studio, and I am allowed to be there too.

She is one determent little lady.
Knows what she likes, and does not like.
And does not like to be corrected or be told otherwise.

Really, she is funny.

Every night I wake up between 3 and 4 with a Cat On My Head.


I will try to 'paint to picture' of us at 4 am this morning.

I lie with my head on the pillow, right cheek cozy in my pillow. Sally had her front paws under my forehead. No idea how she wiggled her little paws in between my head and the pillow. Her chin completely covering my forehead. Her head on my head.
Happy out.
At least Sally was happy out.

The unfortunate thing is that she 'drools' when excessively happy...
Get the picture...?

Here some other Cat pictures that tell 'a thousand words'

Sally Relaxing in my greenhouse.
Salad? who needs salad?
Mine- all mine
Yes, I am in your studio
And yes, I am on your work.
MY bed.
Thank you very much
Ok. You don't want me to be on your bed
So I use your chair.
I like comfort...
Some other cats who tell their stories...
My good old Robert
I had to have a picture taken for a news paper article.
Robert obviously wanted to be in there too.
And decided to have a 'poo'...

My 85 year old neighbour is still not impressed with Sally.
She still misses her neighbour Robert.
And why wouldn't you.

This is Momma.
On a bad mood day...
...reminding Mariela for weeks,
and weeks,
that she had stood on her paw...

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