Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gert Roos

Gert Roos 
24 December 1953 - 29 March 2017

Today is for my dear friend Gert Roos.
I am honoured to have had the friendship of this beautiful man for 33 years.

Gert Roos 
24 December 1953 - 29 March 2017

Gert is being laid to rest today in Bloemdaal (Holland)
Peace be with you and with your family, 
especially Marga, Guus and Hanna
and all your friends.

Much love

poem by Lao Tse
on Gert's card
drawing of Gert Roos creatd by SNAB
Drawing made in memory of Gert by SNAB

I met Gert in 1984 when we both started working at a newly establised group home for people with leanring difficulties, then called 'Het Wad', in Haarlem (Holland). Our close connection was quickly established, and never faded. Even though I left Holland five years later.

We remained in touch via letters, phone calls, and visits at their house or here in Ireland. But there was also a connecting which did not need normal forms of communication. A spiritual connection. 
Which I feel is still here, even after his untimely passing last week.

Some memories of Gert Roos
with his daughter Hanna, and wife Marga in their garden last September;
Eating the Dutch 'kroket' in Haarlem;
A photo from ten years ago, when Gert and Marga got dressed up
for a seventies party- large glasses over his own;
We were getting ready for the group-home cycle holiday and Gert
took out the broken bicycles on the day we were to leave,
'scaring' the parents;
And Gert and myself at a campsite, the last day I spend time with him
and day of our last hug.
Over the past two years since Gert became ill, Mariela and I travelled to Holland to spend time with Gert and Marga. I am so glad that it was possible to make these journeys. It saddends me to no end, that I am not there today to share his last journey with all those who love him.

For the last visit I had gathered some images of the time we worked together. These always made us laugh. There are so many stories. They bring a smile to my face even when I write on this sad day.
And yet my heart is crying. That same day we shared the sadness of his ailing health. A mixed bag of emotions.
Since that last visit we stayed in touch via the phone, and via many messages, sharing funny memories, beautiful memories, music we like at this moment, photographs, stories, sadness, heartbreak, encouragements, understanding and gratitude.

I am so pleased that Gert decided to ring me on my birthday, 19 days before he passed away. I had not heard his voice for a few months. I am glad that he rang when he did, as I was almost out the door for my hospital appointment. I would have missed his call.

For the past while, but especially since the news of his passing last week, a piece of music, a word on the radio, an add on the telly, a plant on my garden,...  all bring stories in my mind of the friendship we shared.

Today Mariela and I will be at the funeral, but here in Ireland. We will go to the cathedral, which I know had a special place in Gert's heart, and celebrate his life well lived during a lunch afterwards.

MEme, my little penguin will be my 'aide-de-camp'.  My brother Hans, and friend Christine will be at the funeral in Holland too.

A sad day.
But I am grateful to have had his companisonship, his guidance, his frienships, support, encouragement and love for all those years.

Rest Easy Gert

our shared love of music
I have this note in the CD case for
maybe 15 years?
I listened to this often over the past while,
and after hearing the sad news.
("Dear Corien, Enjoy the Fado from Misia. I am entralled by it.
I experience it as a positive melancholy.
I wonder what you think of it.
Kis, Gert)


Sue said...

I feel what a beautiful man Gert was through what you have written. I pray for you all

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Sue.
He was one of a kind.

Thnaks for your thoughts and prayers.

Unknown said...

Hallo Corina
Wat een mooie herinneringen aan je oud-collega en vriend Gert!!! Enorm verdrietig dat hij zo jong overleden is. Hoorde een tijd geleden van Hans dat Gert ziek was maar lees nu puur toevallig jouw verhaal en weet dus dat hij al in maart overleden is. T brengt mij terug naar lang geleden.... mooie herinneringen!!!
Hoop dat t met jou goed gaat, hier met mij alles fijn , ik ben blij en doorgaans gelukkig
Welnu warme groet en x vanaf de Veluwe

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Jur.
It is great to hear from you, although the reason is one of sadness.
'Het Wad' memories will never fade.

much love