Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Organising the Dublin Millions Missing Protest

People will not know anything about this world unless we tell them.
Havi Carel - Illness 

Millions Missing Dublin M.E Red Protest Banner. "Equality, Treatment & Research for M.E.

I'd like to share a few thoughts with you, that are playing through my head the past few weeks and especially this morning.

A few days ago I posted the first post about the Millions Missing Protest at Government Buildings in Dublin, on the 11th May. It was a post (see link below) about how everyone can get involved to highlight this event. To highlight the plight of people living with M.E. in this country.
Over the next few weeks I will give this Blog Post Space over to some of the voices of my fellow ME'ers in Ireland. Or the carers of teenagers, or other family members.

Today though, my thoughts are with the organizers.
Organizing any event can be a struggle.
Organizing an event without being able to meet face to face is even a bigger struggle.

All of the organizers of the Event are ill, or are carers of those who are ill.
My hat off to all of them, for putting in their valuable energy for the greater good.

I am not going to name names, as I might forget someone.
  • Posters have been created and printed. 
  • They have to be mounted
  • Politicians have been contacted
  • A draft letter and contact details were shared
  • leaflets to hand out to the public have been designed
  • comprehensive brochure has been compiled with information for the HSE and Government
  • This information was shared and read, suggestions made by many over the course of a few weeks
  • The final edit of this was made available (contact me if you like to receive PDF)
  • Social media pages, on several platforms have been created
  • and promoted
  • and managed, and images edited
  • Radio shows have been contacted
  • TV shows are being approached
Remember- all not done by sitting around a table and dividing tasks- This is ALL done via Facebook
(OK. I was never a fan of facebook, but can see it's uses...)
  • Letters are written to go to the newspapers 
  • The Shoe Aspect of the Event has been organised and someone has offered her house as collection point
  • The Garda was contacted to see if permission to protest was required
  • Thoughts were put in about health and safety (we are ill after all...)
  • The HSE was contacted and progress made to amend the wrong information about ME on their website
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • I am sure I have forgotten half the jobs that were done...

And with all that comes pressure.
Pressure and expectations. And worry.

  • Will the article be accepted
  • Will the poster be ok
  • Will the brochure be good.
  • Will the approach of TV program bring forth a favorable response
  • What if it does not
  • What will others think.
  • I don't want to step on someone else's toes...
  • I hope others don't get the wrong idea and that my article will definitely be printed in the paper.
  • etc
  • etc

My thoughts are with ALL those who have put in a lot, or a little of their time. 
According to their own capabilities and expertise.

I commend you all.
You are a Great Army of Warriors!!
Keep up the amazing work you are doing!

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