Saturday, May 6, 2017

stepping out into the world

Stepping more confidently into the world of social media 

in turn made me Dance in real Life.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mags Durand, who gave me some of her time to help me dip my toes into the world of social media with a bit more confidence.

Yes, I had a website for years.
I had been writing the occasional blogs for years.
But I was not that bothered if anyone actual read it. I liked writing. I loved playing with the layout of the blog, and the design of my website.
To have people actually find my explorations was not my biggest concern.
Facebook, well that was set up - and updated for me for a while- by Brendan in aid of the Fund-it Campaign. It had taken a LOT of persuation to agree to set it up.

But, as you might know, from the 1st of January I have been writing a daily blog.
(missed about three due to hospital adventures.)
Some days I write a lot.
Other days, I just share an image or a thought.

It is about showing up.
It is about sharing the good, the funny, the challenging. Illness, wellness, vulnerability, books. The Millions Missing ME protest, creativity, cats, and nature.
A mixed bag.
A mixed audience too. Which is lovely!

Thank you all who turn up here every day, and have told me that they are awaiting my few words in the mornings.
That is so beautiful to know, that although I don't leave the house too often, I am still in contact with the world beyond.
My deepest gratitude.

Readers respond here on my blog (which I love the most, as other readers who might visit on a later day, can read the comments too). Others respond or share on Facebook. I get private emails with questions, and well wishes on days when life is a little more challenging than anyone hopes for.

So, back to the days of mentoring.
I was blessed to have been assigned a person by the Local Enterprise Office who did not just have the technical expertise to bring to me, into my house, but to bring me Mags who understood my story. From the start there were some amazing moments of connection.
A connection about the feather which I had chosen to become the logo and symbol of my website and blog - Of me - The Little Wings, me.

The Twenty Minute Bird- a yellow sculptured bird on long legs. Made by Corina Duyn
The Twenty Minute Bird
Mags identified with the way I work. How I view the world.
She invited me to share the thoughts on my "Twenty Minute Creative Rule" with a fledgling group of Women in Business. I would be their first speaker.
You know those kind of commitments, they seem such a great idea, until the day looms close...

Thursday was the day. I was to give my Twenty Minute Talk about my Twenty Minute Rule. Tell my story, and how this 'rule' can apply to anyone. Not to just those living with illness. But also for people in business.
It is really a case of time management.
And scheduling.
Knowing what you are going to do with your precious time.
To not get distracted by anything- most of all social media or the phone.
To be disciplined.

The bottom line is, that we ALL have a few of these twenty minutes (or whatever time scale works for you) in our day, or week. There is NO excuse not to follow your dream and complete a project.

So, I did it. I gave my talk. And received and awful lot more than I had to share.

This group of women told me that they did not see an ill person in front of them, or a person in a wheelchair. Or a sad person.
Louise, who works at the restaurant we had the meeting in (followed by a gorgeous dinner- thank you) is a reader of my blog. She sat in on the talk, and shared some of her views on my writing. It almost brings me to tears writing this. It was honest and open. Thank you. Also her thought on my home, my garden... All has a place. Mags told the other women about my book in a box. And how she reads a page every day - always the right page. Miriam, staff member of the IWA was my driver and wonderful companion for the event.

I was welcomed with such respect and interest.
Thank you all.

Some experiences - even if I had to rest for hours before hand and a day, or days after - are just too beautiful for words.

Stepping more confidently into the world of social media - in turn made me Dance in real Life.

Thank you ladies - for the dance.

Birth Dance sculpture by Corina Duyn. Detail of the young girl in a summer garden
Birth Dance -  detail
© 2016 Corina Duyn
Birth Dance sculpture by Corina Duyn. A bird and a young girl, of same size, pictured in a summer garden
Birth Dance  © 2016 Corina Duyn


Mags said...

It has been my great pleasure to meet you and get insight into your world. So much about your outlook resonates with me. I was delighted to have you join us for dinner to share your insights. I know you hate being called an inspiration so we shall settle on you're one of my heroes. Thanks for sharing your precious time with us xx

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you so much Mags, for your kind, and heartfelt words.
We will meet again.

Sue said...

Celebrating with you too!!

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Sue