Monday, January 16, 2017

Still Life: Life with ME/CFS

Patent Pending: The Automatic Energizer

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A page from Hatched (re-hatched)
But relevant today...
page from Hatched by Corina Duyn. Painting of arm hanging over the side of a couch, attached to an automatic energiser to regain energy lost because of ME. By Corina Duyn
A page from Hatched- a creative journey through ME.
By Corina Duyn 2006
Now available as download, here

The painting I made in 2002
on a piece of cardboard.
Depicting my wish to design an energizer,
like the battery charger 
I had for my mobility scooter.

The charger has a dial, 
to say how full, or empty
the battery is.
I wanted, and still want
a dial like that
in, or on, my body...

One can plug in
and re-charge...

Be well
and energized!

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