Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday is a day of Rest

cat lying on his back on a bed. Sunday is for rest. Little Wings website by Artist and Writer Corina Duyn
Sundays are for Rest
I was going to write about the unease that One Man (and his 'friends') can bring to the world, but it knots my stomach ... and as I would like this Little Wings Blog to be about healing, ease and growth, I decided agains taking that route. I am sure you all have your own thoughts on the subject of D.T.

Lying in my bed, 
a photo came to mind
which I took a few years ago
 of my beloved Robert Cat ...

Don't rush to get up. 
Today is a day of rest!

But if you feel like watching some short
documentaries and videos
 about my art and writing, 
you can do so 

Be good.
Be well.

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