Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Dance of Illness

sculpture of bird and doll, both made from clay and fabric
Birth-Dance © Corina Duyn 2016

It’s possible to stifle creativity and freedom for only so long - even in the desert, flowers find a way to bloom.

Yasamin Beitollahi. Huffington Post

Yesterday I watched the movie Desert Dancer
It is based on the true story of Iranian dancer Afshin Ghaffarian, set against the backdrop of the political unrest in Iran and an era where dancing was strictly forbidden.

The young Afshin wants to dance. He needs to dance. While in University a group of friends set up a secret dance company. Dancing just for themselves, Afshin suggests giving a performance in the desert. A group of twenty fellow students were invited to a secret location where they perform the most spellbinding dance. Afshin makes it to Paris with false documents and is given political asylum and a place in a dance academy. 

I am so happy I stumbled upon this movie (on Netflix). The story has very challenging subjects, but but the beautiful dances are so free.

While watching Desert Dancer I kept thinking about my own desire to dance. 
How this is reflected in my last work "Birth-Dance" and about my current clay-mation/animation/film project, which I hope will be all about movement. 

I so want to move more freely. I so want to dance with life again.

I felt that the movie was a kind of metaphor for our daily struggles. 
The story of living with chronic illness: ME (Unfortunately often referred to as ME/CFS). Trapped in a body, which dictates a regime in which dancing is forbidden. 
The yearning for something more than being confined in our houses, in our bodies, in our minds: The need to fuel our inner passion, and emerge into life again, and tell our story with passion. 

I loved this quote in the movie:
“Dance can be anything. A waving goodbye, or waving your fist into the air. 
But you only make a difference when you find your own secret language.”

…A dance can be anything.
… make a differnce when you find our own secret language.

I hope my language will be the (very short) animation film of small figures dancing in my garden. 
To improve on the movements in my own body again. 
To dance - in whatever form that is possible.
To dance with words here on my blog

To dance with life
To share the dance with you.


The authors who might support me in my desire are:
Emile Conrad- Life on Land
Jamie Marich- Dancing Mindfully
Bonnie Klein - Slow Dance
Ingrid Bacci - The art of Effortless Living
See more books/authors

Top quote from: Desert Dancer: Art and Humanity Blooms in Post-Revolutionary Iran, Huffingon Post 
Movie trailer: youtube
Scene of dance in the desert: youtube


Aran Edmonds said...

Hi Corina,
I just love your creations and how I feel you're dancing if not physically most definitely emotionally.

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Aran.
I am smiling and 'dancing' :-)

Holy Way said...

I love that line ," A dance can be anything." How inspiring, hopeful, freeing! Wonderful.x