Wednesday, January 18, 2017

There is a difference between happy and healthy is often seen as peculiar to have FUN and be HAPPY while ill...
I think it is an absolute necessity

photo of Corina Duyn in wheelchair facing a tree. Laughing  with quote: It is often seen as peculiar to have fun and be happy while ill.

This photo was taken in Brugge (Belgium)about 10 years ago.
I had just been given a new wheelchair, as with the old one a wheel kept coming off, with it's own interesting funny results... Anyway, unfortunately the tires on this new chair where solid.

The whole of Brugge's historic centre is paved with cobblestones.
But Brugge and solid wheelchair tires proved not a great combination.

I was in so much agony, with pain shooting throughout my whole body from all the bumping around in my chair. Mariela pushing the chair was in agony from the vibration running through her arms into her spine.

We decided to take a boat tour along the canals to see the city, at least it would be comfortable. We shared the boat with a lot of other people. At one point I was almost brought to a resolution to throw a 'loud-know all' German tourist over board ...  I didn't. I couldn't. Afterward we had an extended lunch and watched Wimbledon Women Tennis on TV in a pub.

Venturing out again, we took some photos on our way back to the train station. At one point Mariela sat on a wall, me in my chair  - facing a tree. Hitting my head of the tree... We Laughed and laughed at the silliness of our situation.
Here we were in the most amazingly beautiful city, and we could not get to see it.
People passing us by were visibly horrified that I laughed, and that I was laughed at by my companion. We both had tears running down our faces...

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