Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Stillness as tool to cope with illness

"In order to see the birds it is necessary to become part of the silence."

Robert Lynot

One of the thoughts I have for this series of reflective blogs is 
to ask my book-readers to suggest a page, a quote, or an image for today's reflection.

Eimear Forde suggested this "Olympic Sparrows" page from HATCHED- re-hatched:

"I love sparrows, they are so sweet and cheeky, 
your poem is kind of funny so its a winner for me." 
Eimear Forde

As you probably know by know, birds have a special place in my heart.

During the early years of illness, I spend many, many hours in bed. 
Looking out the window at the antics of my feathered friends.

They helped me to deal with the pain in my body.
The above page was written during one of those days when pain was so rampant 
that the only way I could deal with is was to write it out of my system.
I wrote about the grief, the pain, the challenge, the upset,
but without fail, the writing would include the birds.
The focus would shift from my body
 to the world outside my window.

I lived among the birds...

still from the Into the Light story

 This might sound a little surreal,
but I feel blessed in a way that in those days
I did not have access to the Internet.
To not be searching for 
or the latest research
about my illness

I underwent my journey
with the help of nature
and creativity
still from the Into the Light story
I did have access to a few books.
My "Bible" was M.E. Chronic Fatigue syndrome: A practical Guide by Dr. Anne Macintyre

The Internet has of course its values
... Am I not using it myself to connect with you...

But as the top quote suggests:
"In order to see the birds it is necessary to become part of the silence".

I am a great advocate to find some time of silence in your day
Some time of reflection.

Through stillness
we learn about our own special journey
through illness - through life.

May you be well.

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