Thursday, January 12, 2017

Traveling through illness and cyberspace with great companions.

The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust  (quoted in Into the Light )

set of wind up toys depicting disability and art, sitting on shelf. photo by Artist and writer Corina Duyn

These represent you, my readers, and travel companions!

was not the road
I had planned to take

But I have been granted 
an exploration
of some beautiful 
new landscapes
Corina Duyn - Into the Light

That is a quote from my most recent book, a book-in-a-box called Into the Light 
It is one of the last pages, in which I had to acknowledge that although illness was certainly not the 'plan' in my life, it brought me to some amazing times too.

I learned to embrace my writing. That I do have a voice and even have something to share.
I came to understand that creativity can come, and probably should come from a very deep place. A place I would not have visited if it was not because of this very long adventure through illness. And Stillness.

I fought. I rebelled. Against life. And my body.
I conceded that we have to work together in order to live the best life we can.

We came to the understanding that a LOT can be achieved in very, very short spells of time.
The Twenty Minute Rule came into being. (Will write separate post about this soon... watch this space).

The New Landscapes are also how I can now really see the world around me. To explore nature which much more attention. To be part of it.
To truly value the friendships in my life. 
To savour the written word.
To enjoy art.
To be able to share.
To being grateful for so many little things.

One of the very recently explored territories is that one called social media in cyber space. Although I enjoyed writing my blog for years, my words and images were floating around cyberspace rather leisurely ... Now, with the support from from very strong ladies, and some men too, I have my words land in places where people actually get to read them.  

And my goodness, you are really reading my words, and interacting on my blog and facebook, though messages and emails
I would like to thank ALL OF YOU for being my wonderful, entertaining, funny, loving travelling companion on these daily adventures.

I love to invite you travel along with me over the next few months. Please leave a comment below this post on what places you would like me to bring you to. What other landscapes I might have travelled and you would like to see or hear a little more about.

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Thank you so much.
Be Well.

Corina - Your travel Guide for Travelling from illness to Wellness

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